Is MMA & UFC becoming too mainstream?

I am a FAN of MMA and not a participant.  Nowadays it seems everyone is going crazy about the sanctioned violence. I became a fan of the sport in 2005 and from then on I loved the competition, fighters, rules etc. Now it is 2009, I cannot go out without seeing a Tapout, Cagefigher, or Affliction shirt. I am not saying this is a bad thing when in reality it shows support. However, with all the newbie fans, comes less knowledge about the history. Is it just me, or do new fans to MMA lack fight knowledge? I am not putting them down, but it’s like they do not know who historic fighters are or hey have never seen a certain key fight. I don’t know, maybe it is just me. Also, it is as if everyone now wants to be a cage fighter? If they have the desire & will, I say more power to them. I know my limits and would never attempt to become one. So to wrap things up, is this MMA craze just a fad?

Jammed packed big fight.
Jammed packed big fight.

2 thoughts on “Is MMA & UFC becoming too mainstream?

  1. That’s tought to say. There’s no questions that the UFC has marketed it’s brand quite triumphantly. I think there is always going to be that sprectrum, however. You’ll have your hardcore MMA guys like us, who know the history, know the subtleties and how the sport has evolved. You will have you mid level, casual fans who watch TUF or maybe even WEC and watch all the PPVs with their buddies. And then you have your noobs or even ignorant fans that watch it because they have this misguided sense that it’s cool because it’s violent. Either way, I think the sport has such a history that there are enough hardcore fans out there (just go one the UG sometime) that will always be backbone of the spectators. People can wear all the Affliction shirts they want, but that I do believe is a fad. There’s a very large appeal to this fighting lifestyle right now and I’m not sure it’s going to last. Hell, I don’t know it may even get bigger. Either way, the direct that MMA seems to be going is tailored to the devoted MMA fans who kept the sport alive in the dark days. The sport evolving and expanding does not necessarily mean it’s becoming mainstream. The influx of Affliction-clad males in nightclubs is solely due to the fact that douchebags decided they like skulls with wings on their shirts.

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