“Sugar” Shane Mosley runs through Margarito!

When I first heard this fight was official, I immediately knew it would be a classic. Why you ask? Because both guys like to slug & can take a punch. I was asked by a few of my boxing friends on who I though would win. At first it was fifty fifty. A couple days after, I chose Mosley. When fight night came, I put my foot down and told myself Mosley by KO or decision. Boy was I going nuts when Sugar Shane kept tagging Margarito with his lightning quick hands! He couldn’t miss! We all know after the Cotto fight, Margarito can take a hell of a punch. It seemed Margarito was waiting for the later rounds for Mosley to get tired and take over. Emanuel Stewart kept mentioning that Mosley goes hard every round down the stretch and he couldn’t be more right. At 37, Mosley looked ten years younger in there and is back at the top with the WBA Welterweight strap. I can’t wait for him to defend his title. Frankly, who is gonna want a piece of him after that suberb performance? As for Margarito, its no big deal, he’s young. He can get back on the horse in the future and more than likely be champ again.
Rounds 8 & 9


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