What is next for the Golden boy?

De La Hoya looking shocked & unsure.

With his recent December 6th  TKO loss to Pac Man where does the biggest attraction in boxing do now? Everyone was expecting the exact opposite to happen. With that said, a lot of observers are expecting Oscar to retire. However, I don’t see this happening. I think he is still relatively young enough (despite what others think) to have another fight under his belt. He is only 35, but looked much older against Manny. However, what I realized, was that it is what Manny did and what De La Hoya couldn’t figure out. Anyhow, the question is, if Oscar is going to fight again, who will it be? I immediately thought of a rematch Felix Trinidad, or a third fight with Shane Mosley. However, it is said that Trinidad can’t get under 160 lbs, which eliminates a possibility to fight at Junior Middleweight. Shane Mosley just annihilated Margarito, so I think Oscar would not have the stamina. While searching online, it is rumored that Julio Chavez Jr. wants a match with Oscar. Supposedly to “avenge his fathers two losses”. Whatever, its all about MONEY. If this fight was to get serious, I think it is a good exit for De La Hoya. Chavez Jr. is a Junior Middleweight and Oscar’s natural weight is that(he looked too thin at 147 at this stage). If Oscar gets serious to lace up the gloves again, he can take Chavez Jr. easily. From what I’ve seen Chavez Jr. is a good young fighter. Yet, he wants to fight a professional who has been in the business for nearly 16 years and has held titles in six weight classes. Chavez Jr. may be in over his head. Regardless, I hope we see the Golden Boy golden once again…


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