Patty Burger- Chicago Review

Patty Burger Logo

So I am a student and while looking through my school’s newspaper, I came across an advertisement for Patty Burger. What is Patty Burger you ask? A restaurant of course. As a typical student with little money, I am always on the lookout for cheap eats. The place is located on 72 E Adams Street on the corner of Adams and Michigan Ave. I had some trouble finding the hamburger joint due to it’s small size. Regardless, I think it is worth a visit; that is of course if you are the 1950’s burger, milkshake, and fries type of person. The prices are reasonable, plus students get a 10% discount (just present your University ID). If you become a regular, you can get a frequent Patty card where I believe you get it punched for every visit allowing a free meal. The selection (menu) isn’t the best but it is what one would expect from a upper level fast food establishment. However, I wasn’t upset because out of the two times I have eaten there, I left satisfied. Overall, I would give Patty Burger 3 3/4 out of 5 Stars.

The Website has all you need to know…


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