Sherrybaby- Movie Review

Sherrybaby movie poster

I watched this movie on my Xbox 360 with the streaming Netflix application; which works wonders by the way. This movie was made in 2006 and stars Maggie Gyllenhaal who you may have seen in The Dark Knight and other great films. Anyway, Sherry Swanson was recently released from Prison for drugs (I believe heroin). After 3 years of being behind bars, Sherry anxiously longs to get back to her daughter and live a normal life. This is easier said than done. Sherry finds out first hand that a normal life is anything but normal. Sherry’s daugher Alexis is being taken care of by her brother Bobby and his over protecting wife. Bobby’s wife insists that Alexis call Sherry by Sherry instead of mommy. This is due to the fact that Sherry has been absent for 3 years of her life. Sherry confronts both her brother Bobby and his wife about this which leads to frequent heated arguments. Sherry checks in with her parole officer more than a few times throughout the flick and the two are not to fond of one another. She is required to attend AA meetings with other past drug users who share their stories and what not. Sherry befriends Dean Walker who is played by Danny Trejo. The two strike up a relationship that seems to be Sherry’s only genuine one at this point in her life. Other interesting parts in the film is that Sherry’s father tries to comfort her by groping her breasts! What the heck? Or the part where Sherry is out with her daughter and she sees another mother bullying her child. Sherry can’t tolerate this so she grabs the harassing mother and tells her whats what. To wrap things up, Sherrybaby is a great film (my opinion) that leaves the viewer in awe, while touching your heart at the same time. 4 out of 5 stars.


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