Broken Flowers- Movie Review

Broken Flowers Poster

I was bored and browsing through my Netflix account in search of a movie to watch before calling it a night. I came across Broken Flowers starring Bill Murray. The name of the movie caught my attention, as well as Bill Murray starring in it. I never knew he was in this movie, well that probably because I never hear of this flick. Duh. Anyway, the character Bill Murray plays Don Johnston who was apparently a computer guru of some sort making some serious bank. However, it seems in the movie he lacks basic computer skills. This is where he visits his what seems to be his only friend/neighbor to chat and bullshit to kill time. Don is informed that he has a 19 year old son somewhere in the world. This message came to him through the mail from supposedly one of his many past girlfriends. This part of the movie is a little fishy in that the viewer does not know if it is a real or not. This obviously has Don curious and nervous at the same time. He sets his sights on the mission at hand. That being finding his son. In order to accomplish this, he goes through a cluster fuck of ex-girlfriends. All of his ex’s are either married or a fucking looney toon. After about 5 visits to his random ex girlfriends, Don pretty much ends up where he started, no where. While leaving the airport to return home, Don spots a young man sitting alone with luggage. The gentleman looks about 18-21 age range. The next day, Don spots the kid again at a near by coffee shop. Don asks “Hey, didn’t I see you at the airport yesterday?” The young man responds nervously with something like- “I don’t know…Did you?”. Don offers to buy him something to eat, since he looked a bit lost… The situation is awkwardly comical to say the least. Don says something like- “Don’t worry, I’m not gay or weird, I’m just a guy offering another guy something to eat.” Haha. The young man accepts Don’s offer. The two share some small talk, and then Don tells the young man that he his nervous because Don is his father. The young kid immediately is freaked out by this and quickly runs off. Don yells wait a minute! Come back, I just want to talk. The movie ends with Don standing with a blank expression on his face. The camera just circles Don, which makes the ending kind of cool. The film leaves the mystery up to the viewer on whether the young man he saw at the airport is really Don’s son. I honestly don’t think it is his son. Just a weird coincidence. The movie is worth your time if you enjoy drama with a bit of comedy mixed in. I enjoyed the soundtrack of the movie as well. The songs are a bit depressing and sets the mood in certain scenes. The running time is approx- 105 minutes. 


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