Epic Burger Restaurant Review

Epic Burger on State St.

I happen to enjoy a nice big ass burger as the next guy. This is where Epic Burger comes into play. The restaurant is at 57 South State Street, Chicago, IL pretty much next to Seven Eleven. The atmosphere of the place has a nice vibe to it. It is appropriately comfortable for anyone from like 15-50. The menu ranges from BLT’s to burgers to milkshakes, and much more. I only get one thing on the menu, The Epic burger. Yes it is in fact Epic. The burger is money just like Vince Vaughn in Swingers. However, there is a down side, that being the price. If you get a full epic burger combo with fries and a drink it will cost you around $10. Yes, $10. Yet, you can get an epic burger jr. which is smaller and cheaper (no shit) but not as satisfying as the big daddy epic burger. If you frequent the joint often they will provide you with a epic burger club card and your tenth visit is on the house. So I would recommend the place if you have the extra cash and are hungry. Check out the site before you go- http://www.epicburger.com Until next time…



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