The end for The Iceman?

Liddell-Shogun media stand off

I caught this fight the following day at I heard Chuck got knocked out again, and wanted to see how it went down. The fight started out pretty decent. The two were throwing down well, trading shots back and forth. Chuck seemed to tune up his boxing a bit as Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan mentioned. Shogun wasn’t intimidated by The Iceman at all. He was standing tall coming at him. By the looks of it, Shogun seemed to get the best of Liddell early on. Then came the knock down, leading to the TKO. The question is, should Chuck retire? We all know he loves to fight. However, age does become a factor. Liddell is now 39 and has not been the same since fighting Rampage (in the UFC). Word on the street is that Wanderlei Silva wants a rematch with The Iceman. However, would people want to see this? Maybe. Is it marketable? Sure. Although Liddell has lost the majority of his last fights, I would be excited to see a rematch between the two. It would be a slugfest and might actually end in Silva’s favor. Yet, would Dana White want Liddell to fight again in the UFC? I would say yes. Due to the fact they are friends, and he would be stupid not to. Chuck Liddell still equals money in the bank. I honestly think he will fight again. If he chooses not to, then he has had a great career and has nothing to be ashamed of.


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