Tarver vs Dawson…again?


Don’t let the title of this post fool you, I am excited to see the rematch. I was reading an article about this fight somewhere and the guy who wrote it mentioned how in their first outing barely any tickets were sold. I can see this. Only hardcore boxing fans acknowledged the first fight. Will they acknowledge this one? Hell no. This time around it is on HBO rather than Showtime. This is a good idea due to the fact that HBO is re-showing the May 2nd massacre Manny Pacquiao gave Ricky Hatton. Getting back to the rematch this Saturday, like I said I want to see it. In their first match, Chad Dawson beat Antonio Tarver with ease. Chad Dawson is much faster than Tarver and has the power to back it up. A lot of people are saying that it will be the same damn fight as the first one. That is a valid point. Although “The Magic Man” (Antonio Tarver) didn’t get that nickname for no reason. He is 3-0 in rematches. The only way I see Tarver winning this fight is by KO. Remember when he fight Roy Jones Jr for the second time? A hard left hand caught Jones by surprise right on the money. If Chad Dawson boxes smart like he did in the first fight, he will win easily again. Tarver has to keep movin and try to pressure Dawson against the ropes so he can use his power. My prediction is Chad Dawson by decision again. Although my heart is with Tarver.


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