UFC 98 Predictions

Ufc98posterSo UFC 98 is just around the corner. I really do not know how I feel about it. Sure any UFC event creates excitement, but I have not gained too much excitement for this one. The card is pretty decent. I guess when Saturday night comes, I will be in the mood. Anyway, the main event featuring Evans and Machida is a solid match up. Both guys are elusive and dangerous. It is difficult for me to pick a winner… I am actually giving Machida the upper hand for this bout. He is very smart in the cage. We all know Evans has knockout power. Remember he dropped The Iceman? and beatdown Forrest? However, I believe Machida is someone he hasn’t seen before. For the main event I have going with Machida. As far as Matt Hughes vs Matt Serra, ths is even harder. Hughes has been out of the cage for quite some time now. He isn’t getting any younger and the ring rust could show up. I am by no means counting him out. Matt Serra is an experienced veteran who is no stranger to the octagon. If they stand toe to toe, the advantage goes to Matt Serra. On the ground I have to give it to Hughes. My prediction is Matt Serra to win this fight.


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