Cotto got lucky, for now.


So I watched the Miguel Cotto vs Joshua Clottey fight last Saturday. I wanted Clottey to win this fight, and felt confident he could. So why didn’t he? Well, Cotto did fight his heart out. Also, the fight did happen in New York City with a large Puerto Rican crowd in attendance. I think that had something to do with it. The fight was pretty even-steven… However I thought Clottey landed the more effective harder shots. Those shots wobbled Cotto a few times. I didn’t see Cotto’s punches hurt Clottey, as he shook his head no to Miguel. Not mention the fight was a dog fight. Cotto got cut by an accidental headbut and Clottey was accidentely slammed to the canvas. Cotto did knock Clottey down from a jab, but it seemed like Clottey was off balance bit. After that, Clottey turned it up and I thought won the fight…Cotto prevailed, but his chin has gotten pretty suspect of late. Clottey was upset as he told Jim Lampley he clearly won. A possible rematch is in the future, but I do not see this happening. Cotto will go on to bigger fights. Clottey will bounce back I’m sure. He is a great fighter and people did realize this.


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