UFC 100 Preview

Next weekend is a huge moment in the fight game. UFC 100 is July 11th, and with that comes a great card. We all know by now that the main event is Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir rematch. When they first fought, Lesnar was doing well. However, Mir caught and submitted the newbie Lesnar. It is hard to pick a winner in this main event. I am going with my gut and choosing Lesnar. He has learned so much since their first fight, and I think he will overwhelm Frank Mir. I can see Frank Mir with fight only by decision or submission. Otherwise, Brock Lesnar by KO to be the official UFC Heavyweight Champion. GSP is taking on Thiago Alves. I know what GSP can do, yet I don’t know too much about Alves…Based on knowledge, I guess I’ll pick GSP. I am not counting out Alves though. I do know he KO’d Matt Hughes. Dan Henderson is going up against Michael Bisping. This seems like an interesting bout. Umm, I can see either or winning. I’ll take Henderson based on his ring experience. Those were my picks for the big event on July 11th. Peace!



2 thoughts on “UFC 100 Preview

  1. I totally agree with you about Lesnar… I’m definately going with him as well… he’s learned a lot and will make sure not to get into Mir’s submissions. I think Lesnar is too much for Mir.. it will be interesting tho.
    GSP is wikid and Alves is the underdog according to the press but really, Thiago has a lot of fighting experience and he’s pretty fit now.
    I’m going with Alves… July 11 should be very interesting.

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