Boxing Review


This coming months, there are some good match ups. Obviously September & November are the Pay Per View types. In August, Roy Jones Jr will battle Jeff Lacy. I am feeling mediocre about this one. I will still end up watching it though. If Roy takes the fight seriously, I think he will have no problem beating Lacy. If he showboats and messes around like he usually ends up doing he will probably lose. In September, the David Haye and Klitschko fight is taking place. I could care less about this fight. Klitschko is more boring than Mayweather Jr and will probably KO Haye. I actually do wish Haye wins. The other September bout happens on the 18th, and is a big one. Being Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Juan Manuel Marquez. Everywhere I look, people are counting Marquez out. I have no idea why. Mayweather hasn’t fought for like a year and a half. Marquez is very tough and doesn’t tire going in the later rounds. In November there is Pac Man vs Cotto. I heard it will be fought at 145lbs, which I don’t like. It seems Manny has all the advantages. If Cotto doesn’t come in light like De La Hoya, then he may win. However, Cotto does have a suspect chin. If Manny unleashes his combinations, it will be lights out for Cotto. Anyway, those are my thoughts thus far.


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