UFC 101 review & predictions

ufc101 poster

This card looks pretty decent. There is a double main event, which you can’t beat. Some UFC’s in the past have only one main fight and it’s on ppv? Talk about a waste of hard earned cash. Anyway, the main events are BJ Penn vs Kenny Florian and Forrest Griffin vs Anderson Silva. I am more excited about the lightweight championship fight. Both guys are exciting to watch. Florian has moved up the ranks and deserves this title shot. BJ cannot take Florian lightly or he will lose. In his last fight against GSP he didn’t take him seriously and got beat up. I see BJ retaining his title in whatever way. He is a crafty veteran and knows all the tricks. I am not ruling out Florian though. Forrest and Silva is kind of an odd match up in my mind… Due to the fact that Silva is more of a middleweight instead of a light heavyweight. Regardless, the match up is taking place. I am going with my gut and picking Forrest. Whenever Silva fights, I choose him because he is a beast. However, he is going in there with Forrest who is a full fledged light heavyweight. I think the weight difference will be a factor. Silva is very dangerous and could end the fight at any time.


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