The Shield Season 7 Review


The Shield has been one of my favorite series for awhile now. Season 7 was titled “The Final Act”. This season gave a nice wrap up to the previous six seasons. Also, it tied up any lose ends that were confusing (characters, situations, etc.). Besides all this, a lot went down. The fact that Shane and his family were on the run for the entire season was a rush. They were pretty much looking over their back 24/7. I was bit shocked when Vic resigned from Farmington. Yet, when he wasn’t a cop, he was still involved in high criminal activity. Dutch spent the majority of the season investigating the teen who murdered both a few people and his own mother. I always thought the actor (Jay Karnes) who plays Dutch does a great job… Corinne, Vic’s wife is in the witness protection program to send Vic to prison. The whole time, it is as if Corinne doesn’t want to send Vic away, but then again she does at the same time. In the end, Shane ends up commiting suicide while taking his family with him. Vic ends up getting a desk job in the force. This scene was very powerful because as he looks out the window he sees the streets of where he once was and heads back for them. Ronnie ends up going to prison because Vic had no choice but to squeal. All in all a great season. Not the best, but nonetheless still sweet. I give The Shield series an A.


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