ufc 102 predictions & review


UFC 102 is this Saturday that snuck up rather quickly. The reason for this is probably because it is the second ppv in August. The main events sounds pretty cool. Two well known fighters stepping into the cage to add to their legacy. Randy is the Bernard Hopkins of MMA, in terms or age and ability. I believe he is now 45 and still fighing like he is 25. Crazy. Nogueira is coming off the Frank Mir one sided loss. However, I know he will be in tip top shape for Mr. Couture. I think this will be a long hard fought battle. I just get that sort of vibe from this match up… I’m picking Randy to win this one. He is as skilled and crafty as they come. The co main event is Keith Jardine vs Thiago Silva. This will no doubt be a battle. I really don’t know who to pick since both are ruthless. If I had to choose, I’d go with Jardine because I know him better. Yet, I have been wrong before. The under card fights look decent as well. I believe Chris Leben, Nate Marquardt, and Brandon Vera are featured. Until next time.


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