Mayweather-Marquez Analysis/Prediction


Alright. So the fight is this Saturday and I am excited to watch. It is hard to pick a clear winner for this one, but for the sake of this post, I will. The 24/7 episodes show that these two are ready to go. Mayweather is just as flashy as he was a year ago. Marquez is bigger and throwing his combinations a lot harder. Pretty vicious to be exact. Keys for Mayweather’s success will be his superb defense that we all know. I believe he needs to step up his punch output in this one. In his last few bouts (Hatton & De La Hoya) he wasn’t throwing as much as he should have. Marquez is no slouch. Mayweather does have the natural size advantage in this one and he should utilize it. Marquez’s keys to the fight should be his precision combinations, heart, and adaptability. With his fights against Pacquiao, he timed his punches well and did not get discouraged. Also, even if Marquez gets knocked down he will get right back up no problem. If he catches Mayweather flush, he will feel the power. Then again, that is a difficult task. Outcomes to future fights could be interesting. Lets say Marquez wins. He has repeatedly mentioned that he wants a third bout with Pacquiao. This fight would be a big sell. The first fight was close, but the second Marquez was robbed. So a third would be interesting. This is of course IF Marquez wins and Manny beats Cotto. If Mayweather wins, then everyone wants the big money fight Mayweather vs Pacquiao. I have an odd feeling this will not happen due to money issues. However, if Cotto beats Manny, then will Mayweather vs Cotto take place? Who knows with boxing these days. Anyway, here is my winner of the fight. I say Mayweather. Yet, MY HEART is with Marquez!


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