bears rebound well

Steelers Bears Football

My last post about the Bears wasn’t so pleasant. However, this time, I will praise them. Well, praise them for their victory over a tough team. Their game has many holes. After watching the first quarter, I thought the Steelers would take the game easy. Big Ben was giving us trouble early on, but something happend and it all changed. Jay Cutler turned his image around this week. Bears fans were kissing his you know what until the flop against the Packers. Now, he redeemed himself with this victory. He played pretty decent I must say. No interceptions is a good thing. This is where I stop continuing on the Bears bandwagon. Our running game is horrible. Everytime, up the middle and nothing happens! It is either no gain or a loss for christ sake…Passing was mediocre, but not the worst. Defense was lacking heavily. I honestly do not know how we won the game, but a win is a win. If the kicker on the Steelers didn’t miss those two field goals, then our victory would be history. Oh and good old Robbie Gould helped a lot. All in all, I am happy with our 17-14 win over a tough team.


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