mayweather-mosley next mega fight?


After Mayweather dominated Juan Manuel Marquez last Saturday, is Mosley the next bout? I sure hope so. First off, lets talk about last Saturday’s match. Floyd Mayweather was flawless in this coming out of retirement fight. No disrespect to Marquez, Floyd was too much in every aspect (size, speed, skill, etc). He infact looked like “Super Mayweather” hahahaha. His physique was incredible… I though Floyd would get the knockout eventually, but Marquez is very tough. So does this prove that Mayweather is officially the pound for pound king again? Hard to say. Some fans say yes, where others say no. Where does boxing go from here? Well, time will tell. It is nice to say that boxing is back lucratively. Remember about two years ago where people were saying it was “dead”? The post fight of Mayweather-Marquez had some fireworks (video posted below) with Mayweather and Shane Mosley arguing a bit. This is because Shane Mosley has wanted a crack at Floyd for quite sometime. Some say that Floyd is ducking Mosley. I don’t know if its true or not. Regardless, this fight has potential to be in the class of “mega fight”. Mega as in the Pay Per Views buys Mike Tyson & Oscar De La Hoya used to bring in. In my opinion, Mosley has the best shot at defeating Mayweather. I don’t think Manny Pacquaio can mess with Floyd after watching him outclass Marquez. He is too big & powerful for Manny. I would honestly rather see Mayweather vs Mosley anyhow. The two are around the same size (Mosley probably a little bigger). Anyway, those are my thoughts on the current boxing scene.


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