hopkins vs jones jr- long waited or waited too long?


I heard the news that there is going to be a rematch between Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr. It sounds like an intriguing rematch for the fans to see. Yet, they first fought one another in 1993 with Jones taking the cake. So from 1993-2009, promoters couldn’t sketch out a rematch then? Now I understand that the two had other historic fights in the making, but this long? Well as long as it is happening in 2010 is all that matters. At 44 years old, Bernard Hopkins fights as if he is a 25 year old. The man has superpowers… Jones Jr. has been active after his big fight loss to Joe Calzaghe. I honestly think Hopkins will tear up Jones. Hopkins annihilated a much younger Kelly Pavlik with ease. I don’t think Roy can take those combos if he gets tagged flush. Jones has beaten mediocre oppenents like Jeff Lacy, etc. I guess this bout is unfinished business for Hopkins. With everyone saying there a greener fights out there like the winner of Chad Dawson vs Glenn Johnson. He can still do this, he just has to get past Jones. My thoughts, thanks.


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