Paranormal Activity film review


I saw this flick last weekend and didn’t really know what to expect. I did not know much about it, infact I didn’t see previews for it at all. The word is that it was only a limited release type of deal. Overall, I thought the film was decent. It had that homemade feeling to it based on how they filmed (similar to Blair Witch). It is difficult to consider this a “horror” movie, at least the typical horror movie. When I think of horror, I think of iconic horror figures. Well thats what Hollywood wants us to think. Enough of my ranting. Katie and her somewhat asshole boyfriend Micah are haunted by supernaturals in their home. This often occurs around the hours of 2am-3:30am in the morning. First, the hauntings are miniscule. Miniscule like the door moving half and inch. This wouldn’t get me too worried…Maybe it’s to the air or something like that. As the nights move on, the hauntings get more extreme. Example would be loud bangs and visible footprints! I am not one to get freaked out easy, but this was a bit freaky. Some flaws to the film would be the down time. A lot of the film is Katie and Micah just hanging talking bullshit. However, this is the homemade feeling they wanted. Another would be Micah in general. The guys is rather obnoxious. He yells at Katie, grabs the camera for everything, and plays the hero act bad. This is my opinion of course. I will not spoil the ending, but based on my criticism of Micah, I was happy. All in all Paranormal Activity is worth a visit to the theatre.


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