protein supplement review

I have been using protein supplements for about six months now and have noticed a difference in my body. A good difference. I used to never take protein when working out. I was actually a bit intimidated to take them. I thought they were mainly for strict bodybuilders and not average joes like myself. You live and learn I guess. Anyway, the first is Pro Complex gainer. I used the double chocalate flavor, which tastes pretty good. The gainer adds extra calories with all major carbs, whey protein, some saturated fat (unfortunately), and other ingredients. One big scoop is about 650 calories. I don’t know if it is this product alone, but when taking supplements I have gained 13 pounds. I was around 130-135, now I am at 143-145 pounds. When I see myself in the mirror, I am more muscular and can tell I am bigger. I am a lot stronger than I once was too, tON-PCG100whey_sb_lghis surprised me a lot. The reason I take pro complex is because I need to put on weight. I have always been under weight, and want to be at about 155-160. I believe this is normal for age 22 at 5’10 height. Now moving to Kaizen 100% Whey protein. This stuff is pretty damn healthy. No bs here, it has all the good stuff in it for you. One scoop is around 120 calories. This is good right when you wake up or pre/post workout. If you are already at a comfortable weight, then is great to take, or throughout the day. I am still rather new to protein supplements and am seeing what is right for my body. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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