shogun vs machida review

UFC 104

As MMA fans know, the Machida vs Shogun ppv was last night. When this fight was first brought up, I immediately picked Machida to win decisively. I wasn’t counting Shogun out however. I based this decision off of both of there previous fights. Machida took care of the elusive Rashad Evans pretty easily. Shogun beat Liddell which is a statement of its own, regardless of Chuck’s age. I thought the fight itself was good. The two were very cautious of one another from round 1-5. I kept telling my buddy that it is probably a matter of time until Machida steps it up. Yet, he never turned up the pace. Shogun was the one initiating the offense. I gave the first three rounds to Shogun easy. Machida may have took the last two, but then again I only think he won one round the whole fight. I had the weird feeling that the judges would screw yet another fighter deserving of a title. I am getting sick of these “decisions” where the fans know who won the fight, but the judges do what they want. I know it takes a lot to take a title away from the champion, but Shogun did more than enough. Machida looked hesitant and discouraged the entire fight. Whereas Shogun seemed confident and at ease. If I was Shogun, I wouldn’t even want a rematch. The same thing would probably happen so why even bother? Maybe drop to 185lbs and venture the middleweight division. Who knows. If you missed the fight check out for a whole list from UFC 104. Peace!


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