johnson vs dawson II review

Johnson vs Dawson 2

I never did see their first fight, but heard Johnson should have received the 12 round decision. Based on this, I figured I would be in for a barn burner. The first round was promising, however that was about it. To me, Glen Johnson looked sloppy in the ring. He was slipping a lot on the mat and pretty much did the same thing over and over (looking for the right hand). Who knows maybe he had an off night. Perhaps his age (40) is catching up to him. Chad Dawson on the other hand boxed perfectly all night long. Taking a page out of Floyd Mayweather Jr’s book. He danced circles around Johnson and even went toe to toe with him. Now Dawson feels he brushed some unfinished business off his shoulders and can now look elsewhere. He stated that he wants a piece of Bernard Hopkins. This fight would be a big test for both. I can see either fighter winning. Dawson has the youth, but Hopkins has the veteran experience. Only time will tell. As for Johnson, I don’t think he’ll retire just yet. I’d like to see him in the ring again soon.


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