strikeforce review

A bloodied Fedor on Rogers

I missed this event on CBS last night. I was looking for it on Showtime, but completely forgot it was aired on CBS. Go figure. I caught the two main fight replays on I first watched the main event Fedor vs Brett Rogers. First off, I never really seen Fedor fight too much. I saw him knockout Andrei Arlovski and that was about it. I thought the fight was decent despite Rogers being the underdog. I was surprised at how fast and dangerous Fedor’s hands were. Rogers took some lethal blows and was still standing in there. Rogers was holding his own in the clinch and even landing some hard blows on the ground. I guess it was only a matter of time until Fedor landed his big right hand to put an end on Brett Rogers hopes. To me it looked as if this was Fedor’s toughest fight to date. One has to salute Rogers for his toughness. Now moving on to the co-main event. This featured Jake Shields vs Jason “Mayhem” Miller. Miller who hosts the popular tv show Bully Beatdown. I was excited to see Miller in the cage because I heard he is pretty good. This was for Shields Strikeforce middleweight belt by the way. The fight was a back and forth war. Honestly, the judges could of gave it to either one… Even though Shields came out with the victory, I believe Miller put on the better performance. Jake Shields is one of the best middleweights out there and Miller exposed him. It was kind of frustrating because I wanted to see more striking instead of grappling. However, this was Shields game plan. If they did in fact strike more I think Miller would of hurt Shields. Who knows. I would like to see a rematch in the works. I’m sure the two wouldn’t mind getting in the cage again.


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