pacquiao vs cotto prediction


The big fight is right around the corner! This Saturday to be exact. I think I am more excited to see this one than I was for Pacquiao-De La Hoya. At least at this moment. As we know, the bout is taking place at a catchweight of 145lbs. Yet it is still for Cotto’s welterweight title? Isn’t welterweight fought at 147lbs? Regardless, the fight is going down. I am going to state who I wish to win right off the bat. I want Cotto to win. Thats right, Miguel Cotto. Why? Well, I always thought he was a well-rounded boxer and a damn warrior. Not to say Pac Man isn’t, I just have my reasons. Miguel has been putting everything into training for Manny. His heart, soul, etc have shown in 24/7. Whereas Pac Man has been distracted with his basketball, political interests, being in the Philippines, and more. All of this has been keeping his mind off the main task. I’m not saying Manny can’t win, it’s just that his head is elsewhere. Even Freddie Roach reminds Manny that this is the biggest fight of his career. I pick Cotto to win because I believe he is an actual threat to Manny. His last two opponents didn’t really have a chance. Oscar was visibly dehydrated/over the hill and Ricky Hatton was a complete mismatch. Cotto is in his prime so this is a HUGE test for Pacquiao. Now lets flip the script. Can Cotto handle Manny’s speed? Not sure. He has never really fought an opponent with blinding speed… Can he handle Manny’s power? This is uncertain. He struggled with Joshua Clottey who hit Cotto pretty good. Then again, Clottey is naturally stronger and bigger  than Manny.

Keys to victory-


*Head Movement

*Moving in and out

*Fast Combinations

*Not getting too excited



*Calculated Shots

*Stay Relaxed


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