ufc 106 review

Usually I post my thoughts before an event like this happens, but I was a little delayed this time. UFC 106 was last night as mma fans know. I thought the night wasn’t too bad. The main event was the anticipated rematch of Tito Ortiz vs Forrest Griffin. I will get to that fight in a bit. Most of the undercard fights were good. Specifically the Phil Baroni-Amir Sadollah one. Early on I though Baroni was too strong for Sadollah and would get a knockout. However, Sadollah outworked Baroni and won the much deserved decision. The Nogueira vs Luiz Cane fight was a nice slug war that Nogueira topped. This should move him up in the heavyweight rankings once again. Josh Koscheck vs Anthony Johnson was a classic ufc battle. Going in, I thought Johnson would whoop Koscheck, but I was wrong. Both men poked one another in the eye…I this is a ufc first. Regardless, Koscheck got the submission victory. Ortiz-Griffin 2 was what I expected. Much like their first bout, it was a war. I picked Tito to win. From the opening round on I believed he had the fight won. Forrest turned it around with his great boxing that Tito had no answers for. In the third round he was basically a punching bag. When the time to declare the winner came, I had no doubt it was Forrest’s night. Now a third fight will happen I’m sure. It only makes sense.



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