condemned: criminal origins review xbox 360

The cover tells all.

I recently beat this game for the xbox 360. A friend recommended this one to me while browsing my local gamestop store. What a recommendation it was. I am one who isn’t freaked out easily. However, this game gave me goosebumps… Throughout the game there are addicts/criminals roaming around waiting to attack. They pop out and charge at you, and their intentions are not good. The good thing is that anything & everything is a weapon. Examples are crowbars, fire axes, locker doors, shotguns, 2×4 with nails, etc. The game’s protagonist is Ethan Thomas who is a SCU agent involved in solving these murders. The player realizes from the get-go that survival is high priority in order to advance in the story. The overall goal for Thomas is to find a fellow named “Serial Killer X”. This psycho hunts down serial killers and executes them the way the killers do. Talk about karma coming around to get you. The bosses that are mandatory to reach this goal are not pretty. The very last one in particular is a pain in the rear… I have posted a video to see what I am talking about. All in all the game is very much worth the time. If you are scared easily, I would not consider playing. I cannot wait to play the second one. Below is the final boss fight.


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