funny people not so funny

Do not let the title completely summarize this post. I know it is intended to be more of a darker comedy than the similar Superbad, Knocked Up, etc. I expected this one to be a classic in terms of good laughter. However, the flick let me down a bit. I have always been a fan of Adam Sandler and his comedic taste, despite being a little odd at times. Seth Rogan is cool in my book, but in Funny People he just annoyed me. Maybe that was the goal. To be a novice in general and be awkward in every social situation presented to him. We all have been through this… The whole premise is that the famous comedian George Simmons (Sandler) learns he is seriously ill. Suddenly he realizes that his life may be coming to an end. From this news, he reaches out to his one love Laura (Leslie Mann). Laura is pretty much the only person he can reach out to. George is a very self-absorbed human being. This is until him and Ira (Rogan) meet. George hires Ira to write jokes for his acts. These jokes are quite lame to be honest. Regardless, George likes them. Later on George finds out that he beat his illness. Now he is back to being a wise ass and his selfish ways. George tries to win Laura’s heart back but blow it. Laura has a family (although the husband is obnoxious) with two young daughters. Ira is all caught up in the mix of this cluster.  I will not spoil the ending so I will make it a wrap here. I give Funny People two out of four stars. I thought the plot was uneventful and could of ended a lot sooner. It was funny to see the up and coming comic Aziz Ansari better know as Raaaaaaandy.


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