boxing turning into a fiasco? what else is new

Last saturday night featured the anticipated Paul Williams vs Sergio Martinez fight. It was fought at middleweight (160 pounds) to my surprise. When the match was first announced, I figured they’d have it at welterweight (147 pounds) or junior middleweight (154 pounds.)

Paul williams is one of those fighters that can fight in numerous weight classes due to his body type. Sergio Martinez looked naturally smaller at middleweight. From the opening bell Williams was very aggressive. Looking as if Williams would make this a short night. Martinez took his time and turned his aggression on and the two were trading hard shots. Williams scored a knock down on Martinez that looked like he was off balance. Martinez got up and scored his own knock down that had Williams hurt bad.

Throughout the next eleven rounds was a back and forth slug fest with rounds being close. I could of gave it to either man. The judging came down to 114-114 Draw, 115-113 Martinez, and 119-110 Williams? 119-110 is a joke. Judge Pierre Benoist must be blind or stupid. However, being a boxing fan, this is unfortunately expected. Hell I’ll score a fight better than some of these judges and score it FAIRLY. A rematch seems mandatory now. Although I believe someone will get knocked out the second time around.


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