boxing after dark worth the money

Last night I went to HBO boxing after dark at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago. The pavilion is a perfect set up for any event really, sporting or not. This is where my college held graduation. It reminds me somewhat of the Rosemont, because they are both compact. I got tickets for $30 a piece. The seats were “nosebleed”, but you could see the ring great with no trouble.

The main event featured Juan Diaz vs Paulie Malignaggi 2. The fights leading up to the it were pretty good. The night had two to three undercards that were not televised, which ended up being decent. The co-main event was Vitor Ortiz vs Antonio Diaz. I have never seen these two fight, but heard they were good in the ring. Starting out the fight was alright, the two exchanged some good shots with Ortiz getting in a good flurry. The fight ended in the sixth round due to a cut above Diaz’ left eye. Ortiz gets the TKO victory, which was kind of a bummer for everyone in attendance.

Time for the main event. First off, I thought Malignaggi clearly beat Juan Diaz in their first outing. However, they were in Diaz’ home town. Anyway, things were different this time. Both men came to the ring looking in great shape. Paulie was boxing well sticking the jab in Diaz’ face for the most part. The tide did turn for some rounds whe Diaz’ started to brawl and caught Paulie with some good shots. Once it cooled down, Paulie got back into his groove and scored a knock down in the tenth round. The Diaz’ fans were booing loud because it looked like Paulie hit him illegally. Regardless, the referee counted it. The judges scored this one correctly with Malignaggi getting the decision victory. I believe he received one of the junior welterweight titles, but not positive which one. After the fight, Paulie said he would like to fight Juan Manuel Marquez or a rematch with Ricky Hatton. I would love to see either one… That’s a wrap!


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