all i want for christmas is the mega fight… too late?

As we all know, the Pacquiao vs Mayweather Jr mega fight is hanging in the balance. March 13th is the expected for them, but now it could be Pacquiao vs a list of potentials. I had a weird feeling this fight would end up being blown up…

The word is that Floyd wants Manny to take a random blood test before the fight. Manny agreed to take the test but not too close to fight night. It seems both parties are being a bit childish… Floyd is asking Manny to do something that is really rare in boxing and Manny is saying he dislikes needles? I’m sure the promoters have a word in this as well. This mess is only hurting the sport of boxing as well as cheating the fans!

It has been rumored that Paulie Malignaggi could replace Mayweather on March 13th. Sure it sounds like a good fight but a yawn compared to the original. No offense to Paulie, but Manny would knock him out. Arum was also talking about Pacquiao going to junior middleweight 154lbs and venturing there? I think it’s all talk. I think the two sides will come to their senses eventually and work things out. Merry Christmas all!


One thought on “all i want for christmas is the mega fight… too late?

  1. You’re right.Floyd is a acting like a child asking his dad Floyd Sr. a lollipop in the middle of the night at bedtime.Or he was just trying to create an alibi because he knows Pacquiao will beat him and knock him down…talks a lot but coward.Shame on you to both father and son Mayweather.

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