Cavs dominate LA?

Christmas featured several NBA games on television. I felt a bit basketballed out, if that is a word. The most anticipated was  Cleveland vs LA Lakers. Obviously people wanted to see Kobe and Lebron match up yet this never really happened.

I thought the game was going to be a barnburner with the Lakers coming out on top. Boy was I wrong. Kobe was sporting a broken index finger, but did not bother him too much. He shot the ball off his middle finger as they showed it when he was warming up. He did miss a few jumpers, but thats expected with a broken finger.

Lebron and company  turned up the pace after halftime. Mo Williams was hitting three’s, Lebron driving to the basket, Big Z hitting from mid range, Varejao being aggressive, etc. Actually, I laughed when Lebron missed the given alley-oop. The announcer mentioned that was just him showing his age. His age? He’s 24 going on 25. That’s not his age, it’s a mistake. We all make them. What was with the fans and tossing crap on the court? Foam hands to be exact. That was just disrespectful… Anyway, great victory for the Cavs on the road.


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