pacquiao-mayweather off? on? enough already…


Mayweather vs Pacquiao a dream?

Boxing fans know the news already. Is the mega-fight going to happen or not? March 13th is not far off at all, so what is the deal? This blood testing fiasco has gone on too long and frankly the fans are bored already. At least I am, of course I cannot speak for everybody. 

The new proposition from the Mayweather team was for a 14 day window up until the fight for blood to be drawn. Pac Man refused any type of needle insertion as he said he is afraid of them. This sounds a tad odd… I am not the biggest fan of needles either, but I would still get blood drawn… Pacquiao said he would allow unlimited urine tests to replace the blood test. If I were Floyd Jr, I would say fine and be done with it. Then again, Floyd is asking for Olympic style testing which happens to be rare in boxing. 

With all this mess going on, not only are the fans hurting but also the sport of boxing. So who is to blame? Well, I don’t like pointing fingers, but I believe all sides have something to do with this cluster. Bob Arum is said that Manny is moving on to some other possible opponents for March. Some names I’ve heard were Paulie Malignaggi, Yuri Foreman, and Joshua Clottey. Malignaggi isn’t too fond of Manny.

Malignaggi was mentioning in an interview that Manny must be using illegal substances to have beaten bigger guys. However, if the two squared off, I don’t see Paulie lasting more than 6 rounds. Yuri Foreman? No. It won’t draw that many people and I can’t see Manny moving to junior middleweight. Joshua Clottey would be the only reasonable person if the superfight does not take place. I honestly think Clottey has a good chance against Manny. However, those thoughts are for another time. Floyd’s manager Leonard Ellerbe, said they’re focused on getting the Pacquiao fight on March 13th. Denying rumors of a fight with Malignaggi as a substitute. 

At this point I really cannot give my opinion if the super fight will happen. Both parties are being childish and need to come to reality. The reality is that the fans want to see it, and this fight will be great for boxing’s revenue, popularity, and future.



2 thoughts on “pacquiao-mayweather off? on? enough already…

  1. Real good story it’s sad to see that the fight didn’t come about! But hopefully it will later in the year & doesn’t end up being like most fights that would have been good that never end up happening like Lewis & Bowe, Jones & Hopkins, etc.

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