500 days of summer

Ever since seeing the preview for this movie I immediately wanted to see it. 6 months flew by and  it came out on dvd. The next step was to add it to my netflix list. A few days later, it arrives. Movie night! I’m glad this flick did not go as every other cheesy love movie. It plays well with the “living in the now” vibe. Yet, it is still a movie, so not everything pans out to reality. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the perfect guy who is head over heels for the girl. He plays Tom. I was a big fan of 3rd Rock From the Sun back in the day. Zooey Deschanel is the other protagonist, Summer. I believe every straight male will have some connection to this film. We all know how it feels to be punch drunk when it comes to love. Their love connection is somewhat typical. They get to know one another, have a crush, fall in love, have mixed feelings, etc. However, the way the film progresses does not make it as plain as this. All in all, the 500 Days of Summer will be worth your time.


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