the vietnam war: a graphic history- book review

Like many, I was unfamiliar with the Vietnam War. I knew it took place in the 1960’s/70’s and was in Vietnam. I’m sure every average human being knows this. The thing I enjoy about this book is that it is like a comic book. Better yet, as the title says, a GRAPHIC history. Call me remedial, but the pictures greatly help explain how the war went down. Sure I can just go watch Apocalypse Now, but the movie only tells a little chunk about Vietnam. Mostly waiting around and killing people! hahaha. Thanks to this book I feel I have a comfortable understanding about the war as a whole. From the start with Dwight Eisenhower & Lyndon B. Johnson to the end with Richard Nixon. Not to mention all the Vietcong in between! A great read that shouldn’t take more than a week of steady progress.


2 thoughts on “the vietnam war: a graphic history- book review

  1. Just wanted to drop a short note of appreciation for your comments. I’m the author of THE VIETNAM WAR: A Graphic History, and our overarching goal was to make the war accessible to people today since it continues to have an impact on our military and government. Your comments show that we did our job. Thank you.


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