strikeforce miami review

These Strikeforce shows seem to sneak up on me whenever they’re on. For example, last night I had no idea it was live. I knew Herschel Walker was making an mma debut, but didn’t know it was this soon. The fight card for this one was pretty staked. To be honest, every seemed like a main event.

Bobby Lashley vs Wes Sims was alright. I expected it to be more of a slugfest. Then again Wes Sims is 6’8, so Lashley did the right thing in taking him down. Sims didn’t have any answers for Bobby’s right hand. The stoppage was fine. Sims went limp and enough said. Enough is enough, don’t want the fighters getting seriously injured. Lashley improves to 4-0. Way to go Bobby.

Melvin Manhoef vs Robbie Lawler was exciting while it lasted. Manhoef was all over Lawler for the time being. He was landing hard leg kicks, but got too excited. Lawler timed that overhand right perfect. That’s a wrap.

Herschel Walker vs Greg Nagy wasn’t bad. The fans seemed a bit uneasy going into the third round, but Herschel did what he wanted to do. I thought Nagy was going to finish Walker in that leg lock. Regardless the 47 year old retired nfl player wins his debut.

Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos vs Marloes Coenen was what I expected. I expected Cyborg to win, but didn’t think it would take three rounds. Both gave it their all. Santos is the woman to beat. I’d love to see a rematch of her and Gina Carano.

Nick Diaz vs Marius Zaromskis was for the Welterweight Championship. Zaromskis shocked Diaz when he put him on the canvas. However, Diaz’ size and experience took over and now is the champ.


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