kobe silences garnett & co.

Yesterday afternoon basketball was in full effect. I say this because one of the biggest rivals in the nba had a barn burner. One can never really pick a clear cut winner when LA goes against Boston. The teams are almost identical in terms of skill and legacy.

The game was pretty physical with back and forth pushing and trash talking. This is almost expected. Especially with the Lakers in Boston. The Celtics shouldn’t be discouraged. Rajon Rondo was playing great. I suppose this why he’s on the East All Star team. Although Ray Allen seemed to be struggling with his jumper. I really thought he’d seal the deal with that three pointer at the buzzer. For the Lakers, I bet this win cancels out the Cavaliers defeat for the time being. Below is the game winner by the “Black Mamba” himself.


2 thoughts on “kobe silences garnett & co.

  1. Yea a really great game! Being a Lakers fan (as well as a Bulls fan) I really enjoyed watching & having my adrenaline pumping like that. Really great game. Would be nice to see them in the Finals again although with the way Boston has been playing that isn’t a sure thing!

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