ufc 109 predictions

Tomorrow night is ufc 109. Highlighting the card is Randy Couture and Mark Coleman. However, there are many other good fights on the card as well. For this one, I am going to talk about four. This is because I am unfamiliar with some of the other fighters. On with the predictions!

-Mike Swick vs Paulo Thiago: Mike Swick is known for ending fights rather quickly. Hence his nickname, Mike “Quick” Swick. Yet, I think he will have trouble with Thiago. I’m going with Swick however I don’t think it’ll be quick.

-Nate Marquardt vs Chael Sonnen: I believe Marquardt should have this one in the bag. He’s an experienced guy who has taken on the likes of Anderson Silva. Enough said. BUT anything can happen. Chael could take him out, who knows.

-Frank Trigg vs Matt Serra: In this one, it’s hard to pick a winner. Both guys are experienced. I heard this is a “loser leaves town” type of match. My gut is going with Matt Serra, but wouldn’t be surprised if Trigg gets his hand raised.

-Mark Coleman vs Randy Couture: The main event. Hmm, I am hesitant… I’m going with Randy. I just think he’s more versatile than Coleman. Although Coleman is versatile as well. I think it will be a gruesome fight which is what the fans want to see. I can’t believe these guys are in their mid forties and still fighting/looking like they’re young. When all is said and done Couture will have his had raised.


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