no way jose. canseco that is.

I have been hearing news that Jose Canseco is training to get another mma fight? I didn’t even know he had a first one. I did know he had two boxing matches with Danny Bonaduce (hahaha) and Vai Sikahem. Sikahem by the way knocked Canseco out in 30 seconds.

Ever since ex-pro football player Herschel Walker did a great job in his mixed martial arts debut, Canseco has been bitten by the jealousy bug. He supposedly wants to fight Walker now. Anything for the limelight I supposed. However, this is the wrong way to get it. Why doesn’t Jose go into baseball play-by-play or something in his niche?

Canseco is just giving ex athletes a bad rep. He’s 45 years old and has no business in a combat sport. I seriously hope we don’t see him in any mma event. Mainly for the sports dignity and Canseco’s safety. Who knows, maybe the training pays off. Yet who wants to see him fight again? I liked him as a baseball player so no way Jose.


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