nba all star weekend wrap up

I’ve never really been a huge fan of the all star game. It is cool that we get to see all the top guys playing on the same court but thats about it. The game itself was and usually is lackluster. I compare it to a glorified pick up game. It’s just a chance to see Lebron showcase his dunking ability or how loud Dwight Howard can yell while grabbing a rebound. Business as usual. In the fourth quarter it did pick up though. It came down to the wire with the Eastern Conference taking the cake.

I am more about the skills challenges. Particularly the three point and slam dunk contest. Once I heard Steve Nash was in the skill challenge I knew it was over. I forget the other guys who were competing, but it didn’t matter because he’s too good. The three point contest was so so. Paul Pierce winning was kind of a surprise. He’s always been a good shooter but still surprised. The dunk contest was a let down due to the fact that Lebron and Kobe backed out. Actually who cares, Kobe’s not getting any younger and Lebron is just spoiled. I’m glad Nate Robinson did a repeat. That man can jump.


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