vasocharge supplement review

I ordered this pre workout supplement online ( When I first tried a nitric oxide supplement, I did not like it too much. The product I used was the ever popular NO Xplode by BSN. NO Xplode gave me the jitters a bit too much. The reason was probably because I had yet to build up a tolerance. I decided to give it another chance but with a new product and smaller dosage. All in all, the switch turned out good. Currently I am taking the lemonade flavor of Vasocharge. Tastes pretty decent. No complaints. When working out, I drink it. The directions mention you can either take it 30 mins or so before or while lifting. Drinking it while lifting gives me the energy needed to stay focused. Usually I go workout after a 7 hour day of work. Before I was a tad tired and couldn’t do as many reps. Vasocharge has creatine in it. I never really used creatine until now. I didn’t really think I needed or wanted to use creatine. However, it seems nowadays any nitric oxide product will have some sort of creatine. In review I would recommend Vasocharge to a beginner or experienced person.


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