jordan back in owner form

The buzz around the NBA has been Michael Jordan acquiring the Charlotte Bobcats. Jordan has been interested in purchasing the team for some time and now has his wish. It has been said that a name change should go into effect. The Bobcats is okay I suppose. Definitely not the fans first choice. It will be interesting to see if Michael decides to switch.

The question has been whether Michael can turn the franchise around. In six years, the Bobcats have never made the playoffs. Not to mention lack of fan support and $150 million plus in debt. Many say if Jordan becomes an absentee owner much like former owner Bob Johnson (BET founder), it will not work. As part owner since 2006, Michael has rarely attended practices/games and left day-to-day operations to assistants.

Being in his home state I hope Michael turns the franchise around. If he really commits to the team he for sure can get more fans in the seats. Not only this, but have fans wanting to come see the Bobcats. We will see what the basketball icon can do on the business side of basketball.


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