lebron making the switch to 6

It is no secret that LeBron James will be changing his beloved number 23 to number 6. This is taking effect next season. Current LeBron jersey wearers have a tough decision on their hands. Do they purchase another LeBron jersey or stick to the original? My guess is the new number 6 will be a top seller. In fact, flying off store shelves.

This is no joke either. While some will say that it is a rumor or James will not go through with the change, it’s the real deal. King James said it is a done deal that he has finished the paperwork. He is doing this supposedly to honor the great Michael Jordan. In taking number 6, he now honors court legends such as Bill Russell and Julius Erving. I am curious to see if LeBron’s new attire will outsell when Kobe make the switch from 8 to 24.


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