pacquiao vs clottey preview

Photo- Chris Farina

The fight is only a few days away! I am ready to see a good old fashion slug fest. Honestly, when this fight was chosen as a substitute for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight I was not as thrilled. However, as it grew on me, I am just as excited. The fight is being held at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium. This is quite refreshing as the main fights always being on the Vegas Strip. The fight is on Pay-Per-View which is no shock. Mainly because of Pacquiao’s status.

My prediction is that Manny will win the fight. He is just a step above Clottey in so many ways. I will not underestimate anyone, especially a great boxer like Clottey. However I see Pacquiao winning by TKO anywhere from round 6-9. His hand speed and foot movement will be the icing on the cake. Clottey has good defense as he showed against Cotto, but Manny is different.

Clottey does have heavy hands and has the punchers chance. Manny was stunned a bit when he squared off with Miguel Cotto in the first few rounds. If Clottey can land good shots and have good defense, he should last down the stretch. Who knows, Clottey can be the dominate one in this fight. This is a sport where anything can happen in the ring. Any boxing fan has seen this. When the show is over I see Manny Pacquiao getting his hand raised. If this does happen, then a match up with the winner of Mayweather-Mosley is around the corner.


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