pacquiao-clottey aftermath

Photo- Yahoo Sports

Yes the fight is over and in history. Yet I would like to discuss what went down. Manny is a machine… I could not believe how many punches he threw per round. This is mainly due to Clottey covering up the ENTIRE fight. When Clottey did throw, he was landing good shots. I believe he was scared of opening up more because he may have been knocked out early. I can understand this. I guess it is a moral victory if you last 12 rounds with Pacquiao nowadays. Clottey did have good defense despite him being a punching bag. It didn’t seem like he was hurt during the fight. Just being outworked heavily was the factor. After watching this fight it is hard to see who can stop Manny. Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather are the two who get to decide that.


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