saints row 2 review

Recently I beat Saints Row 2 for the Xbox 360. I realize this game isn’t new, I am always behind with video games. The original Saints Row had me coming back for more. The two games are very similar (obviously) but I mean in terms of not expanding too much. There are of course add on’s from the original, I just expected more.

The storyline is good don’t get me wrong. Saints Row 2 I found was quite harder than the first. I found myself getting frustrated more with missions. Due to the difficulty. A nice add on is that not only are you battling rival gangs but also a corporation called Ultor. They are in a sense a gang because they control an area. Actually, they pretty much control everything.

The side activities are amusing. For example, there is this one activity called “The Fuzz” where it mocks the show Cops. A cameraman follows and films you taking down evil doers Saints Row style! Meaning a lot of brutally and over abusive law enforcement. The game also has other activities in order to gain respect for missions. Some others are racing, fighting, drug trafficking and much more. Hmm what else… Crib and gang customization is cool too. You can customize the way your gang looks and how your hangouts look. To wrap things up, I would recommend Saints Row 2 to action video game players. If you are a fan of the GTA series then Saints Row is right up your alley.


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