jones jr-hopkins II


Boxing fans have been long awaiting this rematch for many years. Yet, now it seems too late to capture those once intrigued fans. Why? Well this fight was hoping to take place about 6 years ago.

Six years ago would of shown Roy Jones in his prime and Bernard Hopkins truly testing his will. Now in 2010, the roles are reversed. Hopkins is 45 years old and fights like he is still in his prime. For example he beat a much younger Kelly Pavlik with ease in 2009. More recently he fought a 12 rounder against Enrique Ornelas and won a decision. However, on the same night, Jones fought Danny Green and was knocked out in the first round.

With Jones losing, it put a damper on the rematch. Although as Hopkins heard the news, he wasn’t canceling out the possibility. Fans definitely were, including myself. The announcers at Bernard’s fight pretty much insisted on the rematch not happening. Now that it is taking place April 3rd I have to pick a winner. I am going with Hopkins by way of knockout. Roy has not convinced me or the boxing community that he still has it. B-Hop I feel will retire the legend of Roy Jones Jr. I just cannot see how Jones can beat Bernard now.


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