margarito’s return is bitter sweet


The title says it all. Antonio Margarito will make his come back on May 8th. I am sure the boxing world will have different takes on how they feel about this.

The last time Margarito was in the ring was against Shane Mosley on January 24th 2009. This is when Mosley’s trainer spotted illegal plaster like substance in his hand wraps before the bout. After the fight, which Mosley dominated, Margarito was suspended.

Personally, I think he should not be allowed to fight again. He is a cheater and deep down knows it. He does happen to be a very entertaining boxer, but this doesn’t change what he did. Regardless he will be coming off his suspension on the Cinco de Mayo weekend against Roberto Garcia. I don’t think it will take him long to get back into the limelight. I do think fans will have lost love for him.


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