jones vs hopkins rematch worth the wait? not really.

AP Photo/Isaac Brekken

This past Saturday I watched the well overdue rematch at the AMC Theater downtown with a few buddies. Little did I know it cost me $20 to see it! I could of sworn the website said $11. I guess AMC wanted to make the most profit on a lackluster fight. Can’t blame them, but I still do.

Anyway, the card had about 5 undercard fights leading up the the main event. I was a bit uneasy in those comfortable theater seats… When fight time came I was a bit more excited. Both of Jones and Hopkins are in their forties (Jones-41, Hopkins-45)and they’re still boxing! Either they are both nuts or very competitive. Actually its both.

The fight itself didn’t start getting exciting until about the mid to later rounds. This is when B-Hop started doing his old school tricks. By this I mean hitting below the belt, back of the head, and faking like he was hurt. Jones hit Hopkins in the back of the head as payback and Hopkins was dramatic in taking the shot. Bernard is no stranger to milking the clock. Regardless, the fight was in the bag for Hopkins. Roy Jones had no power on his punches and was just able to hang on for 12 rounds. Although I was surprised that Jones took Hopkins’ power shots well. He didn’t seem fazed too much. I predicted Hopkins to knockout Roy.

After this bout, it is hard to see where each guy will go. I believe they should both call it a career. Bernard mentioned he wants to fight David Haye at heavyweight but he’ll have to pack on some major pounds. Roy was hesitant on what his future will be like. Whatever they do, I will support them because they are both legends.


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